SWAV Eyewear - Visionary 2.0 Collection [ Explained ]

SWAV Eyewear - Visionary 2.0 Collection [ Explained ]
The Visionary 2.0 Collection is a Reiteration of our first Collection, but a more improved Version. 
When you wear a pair of SWAV Shades you make the conscious decision to bet on yourself. Your confidence increases, your self Image is heightened, and also your daily reminded is right there next to your mind, "Stay The Course."
This collection is made of the highest grade Cellulose Acetate from Italy and all of our frames are Handmade from Greece. 
Each Pair is named after a lesson I've learned from being on this Journey we call life and that I think other people can Resonate with and learn from as well. 

The Altruist:
To be an Altruist means to be selfless. If you want to accomplish anything great you must be willing to be selfless to Impact a great amount of people.  
The Definite:
In life you must be Definite in your direction and the decisions you make. You must move with a definiteness of purpose no matter what path you go down in life. 
The Prophet:
As the Founder of this Company my name is Isiah and my name means Prophet. As a Prophet you must have a Vision and the same goes in life. You must have a vision in order to progress towards a pre defined place.
The Master:
One thing life is about is Mastery. Why would you decide to do anything and no do it to Master it. No matter what you do go for Mastery because that's how you will ensure you're getting the best out of life.
The Perspective:
If you change your perspective on any give situation you can change your whole life. Life is all about perspective no matter what way you slice it. Change your perspective you'll change your life. 


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