The SWAV Meaning

The SWAV Meaning
When you see SWAV know that it Stands for Starts With A Vision because we believe that everything you do in life Starts With A Vision first and foremost. That's our Underlying principle and message that whatever you want to do in life, you need a vision first to ensure it happens. 
We are the world's first Inspirational Eyewear Company and what that means is we brought together Fashion and Philanthropy together and have created the dopest shades on the market with the most inspiring inscription on each pair. 


For Every pair of Sunglasses we sell we take $5 and put it into our Visionary Investment Fund that was created and every Quarter we take that amount and invest it into someone that has a VISION, because everything you do in life Starts With A Vision of course. 
We wanted to do more than sell a product, and build a Life Changing Brand and that's what we are doing through Eyewear. 
Our Flagship Collection is the Visionary 2.0 Collection and for this Collection the Inscription inside of each pair says 'Stay The Course' because we want you to always remember to STAY THE COURSE no matter what. 
We also wanted to start off with a simple style and grow and build from there. 
Our Products are made out of Cellulose Acetate and come from Italy and are then Handmade in Greece for the highest Quality Finishes known to man. 
Check Out the Visionary Collection to see how dope our frames truly are. 

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