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SWAV Eyewear started with the vision that each of us are all fully capable of successfully living out our most desired visions, goals and dreams. That we each have unique purpose and passions that manifest itself through our lives.

So we know that as a visionary, you see and live your life differently.

We know that your vision is a hunger that consumes every part of your day and there is an insurmountable internal pressure to live your purpose in all its glory.

That’s how we birthed SWAV Eyewear: the daily, undeniable, unanswerable need to create and produce a product we believe wholeheartedly in.

We can’t imagine life any other way.


And we don’t want you to have to either.  

That’s why SWAV Eyewear is proud to say that we’ve created The Visionary Investment Fund as a way to give back and support the visionaries in our communities.

For Every Pair of shades we sell we take $5 and put it into our Visionary Investment Fund. At the beginning of Every new Quarter we will take that amount, and invest the amount into a Visionary. 

We know what it’s like to start with a vision and be consumed with actively living your purpose.

The next few steps after that require time, sacrifice, planning and investment into seeing that vision come to life.

That’s where we come in.

All applicants will have an announced time window during every quarter to provide to us a one page summary of their vision and goals, mission statement and Video explaining your Vision.

For it’s inaugural year, the Visionary Investment Fund will select 3 visionaries per quarter and invest $5 per shades that were sold for that Quarter.

One vision at a time.

Deadline for Visionary Investment Fund Deadline is June 30, 2021.

Winner is Announced July 7, 2021.