Top 4 Frames For The Fall Season

Top 4 Frames For The Fall Season

Top 4 Frames For The Fall Season

Fall is here, and with a new season comes new attire and fresh swag. In the summer we adorn ourselves in bright colors and remove all the layers, but in the fall we start adding those layers back, as well as different accents to our outfits to make them pop. 

One of fashion’s best fall accessories is a fresh pair of frames. Whether it is to enhance our vision or enhance our outfits, eyewear adds some personality, as well as an element of flare and flavor to our look. Below are SWAVs best frames for the fall season. 

Top Frames for the fall season:

The Master
Straight from our Visionary 2.0 Collection, The Master is our olive green best seller. Olive green is an earth tone that blends well with the warmer colors that come alive during the fall season. The Masters come as polarized sunglasses, but you can replace the sunglasses with your prescription lenses if you desire. 

The Definite
The Definite is the epitome of an earth tone with a Milky Amber matte finish. These frames come as sunglasses, but you can add your prescription to them as well. The Definites can be dressed up or dressed down and still give a great elevated or everyday look. 

The Doer
The Doer is a classic! It complements the fall season very well. The doers come as blue blockers (for all the folks who spend a lot of time staring at screens), but can have a prescription or tinted colored lens added to them as well. Bring your look together by adding a pair of fresh clear frames to your collection with the Doers.

The Prophet
The prophet is a great everyday pair of frames that can be worn with anything from cashmere to leather for an elevated esthetic. The prophets are tortoise and can match with or accent literally anything (especially if you put your prescription in them *wink*). 

These are our favorite fall frames, but all of our frames would go great with whatever your steeze is! All of our frames are handcrafted in Greece and created to inspire. Add some flava to your face this fall, and treat yourself to a pair of SWAVs. You won’t be disappointed.

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