4 Visionaries to Lookout for in 2020

4 Visionaries to Lookout for in 2020
4 Visionaries to look out for in 2020
Because SWAV stands for Starts With A Vision we wanted to highlight some Founders of Color who had a Vision and brought it to life.
To Celebrate Black History Month we wanted to highlight these Amazing Founders of Color who are doing some Amazing things in this world. Building and growing a Brand is hard work and these Founders deserve to not only be highlighted, but also be celebrated because to get where they’ve gotten isn’t a walk in the park. 
The Founders we will be highlighting are:
Each of them has a Unique story and perspective that is extremely powerful. These are our 4 Visionaries to look out for in 2020.  
Each Founder was asked 4 Questions regarding their Journey and Advice for someone who may be in the beginning phases of Making their Vision a Reality.
Dive into their Responses Below. 
  1. How long have you been running your company? 
We unofficially began Herb’N Eden in 2015. We officially began in Jan. 2016
2. What’s the reason you started the company? 
Honestly, I was just looking for a sustainable skill after interning at an Urban farm. We recognized that everyone uses soap and that this is something that people could purchase time and time again. Also it was a good way to introduce herbs into a person daily regimen.
3. What’s your long term vision with your company? 
To be considered one of the the top natural body care/skincare companies in the world. Also we want to create opportunities and jobs with Herb’N Eden. 
4. One piece of advice you’d give anyone who is pursuing their vision. 
Trust the process and have patience. So many people our age (Mid 20s) have no patience. They think things happen overnight but it truly takes years for things to happen. Put your head down and put in the work to lay a strong foundation. Your first 7 years you should be building foundation especially if you want it to be something that takes care of you for the long term. 
  1. How long have you been Running your Company ?
Posh Candle Co.’s 3 year anniversary just passed in December which was exciting. 
  1. What’s the Reason you started your Company ?
I launched Posh Candle Co. December 2016 after an unexpected pregnancy during graduate school applied the necessary pressure for me to get real with my entrepreneurial pursuits. At that time, I had several failed businesses under my belt. I was worn out but looking back, I didn’t give them my all. After hearing a speaker at a women’s empowerment conference say, “ Many times our passions are right under our nose and we don’t recognize them because they’re things we do naturally, “ I decided to get quiet and pay attention to the things I was naturally drawn to. Six months later, I found myself in the candle aisle at Target and disappointed that I couldn’t find candles that were more interesting. The light bulb went off and I raced home to create my first few scents. So, I started Posh Candle Co. because I saw a need in the market but also it allowed me to pursue my passion for creativity, entrepreneurship and building a life I love. 
  1. What’s your Long-Term Vision with your Company ?
When I launched, it was a side hustle that quickly surpassed my expectations. Within several months of launching, I was fulfilling an order for 5,000 candles and that’s when I started to see the bigger picture. My long-term vision for Posh Candle Co. is a multi-million dollar candle Company. 
  1. One piece of Advice you’d give anyone who’s pursuing their Vision. 
Remember that it’s your vision but get feedback. The most valuable feedback you’re going to get is from your customers. When I first launched, I purposely didn’t tell family and friends because I didn’t want them to purchase just to show support. Your family and friends can support you in other ways but don’t rely on them to be your customers and to validate your idea, you want people to naturally purchase because they see value in what you offer. If you’re having issues getting customers, survey potential customers and ask them why they haven’t purchased. For those who have purchased, survey them and ask what made them make a purchase and what is keeping them coming back. This is where you’ll find that most valuable information to help make improvements that matter.
  1. How long have you been Running your Company ?
Legacy Lapels officially launched on June 27, 2018 - I've been running the company approximately 18 months as of now.
  1. What’s the Reason you started your Company ?
The reason for starting the company was to take control of my life. I wanted to be able to control my fate without an employer telling me I'm no longer needed at the drop of a dime. I also wanted to empower men to live their legacies and do it all in a luxury custom suit.
  1. What’s your Long-Term Vision with your Company ?
The long term vision for the company is to become a worldwide brand. Showrooms in different cities that empowers our clients to create a life worth living.
  1. One piece of Advice you’d give anyone who’s pursuing their Vision. 
One piece of advice I'd give to a visionary pursuing their vision is to accept the good days and accept the bad days as a part of the process. All of the emotions you experience throughout the journey are all supposed to happen, so accept them and never give up.
  1. How long have you been Running your Company ?
 4 years
  1. What’s the Reason you started your Company ?
Freedom for myself, my family, and those who come in contact with the brand. 
  1. What’s your Long-Term Vision with your Company ?
To be the catalyst for many entrepreneurs and to become a household name in watchmaking.
  1. One piece of Advice you’d give anyone who’s pursuing their Vision. 
Believe in and value yourself… Put all your energy back into yourself and everyday become more of the person you aspire to be.
Allow this to Inspire you to become the Best Version of yourself. 
Always remember that EVERYTHING you do in life 

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