Successfully Funded on Kickstarter.. Now What?

Successfully Funded on Kickstarter.. Now What?
Between May 15, 2019 & June 14, 2019 we ran a Crowdfunding Campaign for our New Collections and we Succeeded! This Blog Post will be about why we did a Kickstarter and also what you can expect from us moving forward as a Company.
When we launched SWAV Eyewear in January 2019 we knew it wouldn’t be easy, but knew we wanted to create something deeper than a Product. We wanted to create a MOVEMENT, with the product being the Vehicle and Vessel for that movement that creates a community of Like Minded People.
When we Initially launched we started our Manufacturing process and went with a Manufacturer from China, but after receiving the product and selling the product to approximately 30 Customers I immediately knew that we needed better customer satisfaction in order to get where we wanted to go. In order to reach our desired Customer Satisfaction we needed better Quality and found a partner in Europe.
Every pair of frames you will purchase from SWAV Eyewear moving forward will be RAW Italian material and Handmade in Greece.
The reason for the decision to do a crowdfunding campaign was simply because we wanted a proof of Concept, and wanted to ensure that there was enough interest in our product before we made the commitment to produce another Run of our Frames.
SWAV Eyewear is the world’s first Inspirational Eyewear Company and we create the World’s most inspirational frames. Our promise to you is we will always deliver the highest quality frames along with the most inspiration possible.
Each pair of Frames has an Inspirational Quote on the inside of the left Temple to inspire you to Never give up on your Vision. Also for every pair of Frames we sell we take $5 and put it into our Visionary Investment Fund & two times per year we take that amount & invest it into Someone’s Vision.
Our Frames are projected to Start Production on or before July 1, 2019 and will arrive in the States in October and will be shipped to those who have pre ordered first and then our orders will open up 3-5 days after that.
We will keep you updated on every step of the process up until the Inventory lands!
We are 100% confident in our product and we have a 100% Inspiration Guarantee!
To stay Updated on SWAV Eyewear and all of the announcements Join the SWAV family by inputting your email.

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