Your Intuition is Waiting on You

Your Intuition is Waiting on You

I wanted to write something inspiring and something that really spoke to someone who could truly feel what I’m saying and I settled on this topic.

‘Your Intuition’

 A lot of us in this world have been conditioned to think that we need to seek someone else’s advice in order to move toward a goal that we want to pursue deep down in our hearts. We think that everyone knows so much more than us and everyone else has it all figured out. Well, let me tell you that that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

One thing I’ve learned in this life is that we all feel like we are still figuring it out and because of that no one really has it all figured out no matter how “successful” someone looks.

SWAV is all about believing in YOURSELF and trusting your intuition. If you never trust your internal intuition you’ll never reach your highest self that you were designed to reach. You are amazing, you are valuable, you are Great, but you must believe that for yourself and Act on it as well.

Your intuition is your deepest desires Navigation system begging you to believe in yourself and listen to it because on the other side of the execution of trusting your intuition are the most beautiful things you have ever seen or experienced.

If I never listened to my intuition and followed my heart SWAV Eyewear would never even be here in the physical. I followed my heart and we released our first Collection of Inspirational Eyewear and are literally changing lives through eyewear.

Your Mind will do whatever you tell it to do so Go Be Great. You deserve all the abundance this world has to offer.

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