#WzdmWednesday X Why Do I Need A Vision?

#WzdmWednesday X Why Do I Need A Vision?
Welcome to #WzdmWednesday where everyday we give you an ounce of Wzdm to keep you sharp on your Journey, no matter what Journey you're on in life.
We are all on a Journey no matter what we are choosing to do in our life. This is our First Episode and there was No Better way to kick this off than to talk about having a Vision. Why Do I Need A Vision?
A Vision gives you Direction, A Vision gives you a Target to Aim at and advance towards. A Vision gives you a reason to wake up every single day and take Targeted Action towards. Everything truly does Start With A Vision no matter what you are looking to accomplish and contribute to society. 
Every Wednesday We will be bringing you some Wzdm from our Founder or another Official Visionary!

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