Affirmations are cheat codes for a successful life.

Affirmations are cheat codes for a successful life.

Affirmations are cheat codes for a successful life.

The mind is a powerful tool and when used correctly, affirmations can help shape your perspective and power your mind to help you accomplish all of your goals. They reprogram your subconscious mind into believe things about ourselves, thus empowering (or disempowering us) as we step out into the world and our purpose.

Keeping a daily practice of using, seeing and/or repeating affirmations is important in keeping you focused and has an impact on the timeframe in which you will reach your goals. These daily practices can help reduce your stress as well.

When we write our affirmations here at SWAV, we write them with a few things in mind:

  • We write them from a first person, present, emotional standpoint. This is because we are manifesting these affirmations right now at this very moment. We are living, breathing and feeling this things in the present time. We aren’t waiting, we aren’t speaking ahead of ourselves. The emotional aspect keeps us emotionally tied in.
    • Examples: I am, I feel, I have
    • Not: I want, I will be, I can’t wait, In a few weeks, I will
  • We write them from a positive perspective. This is because we want to reward and speak positively not negatively.
    • Example: I feel alive when I work out and make good healthy choices.
    • Not: I don’t feel good when I don’t work out.
  • We update them often. Affirmations are meant to change. We change and we grow and we have different needs that are to be addressed. As you grow and recognize need feelings that arise, create new affirmations.

Using these tools we are able to craft our affirmations and incorporate them into our daily lives. Being this conscious of the words we are using in our daily lives helps us stay in a state of focus and gratitude. We are able to cultivate positivity, recognize negative thoughts and when we drift, which can happen, we have the visual affirmation reminders, that pull us back to center and you can be reminded daily by becoming an Official Visionary.

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