Our Why & Core Values

Our Why & Core Values

SWAV Eyewear has officially launched and opened our doors for Orders and I wanted to celebrate with a personal Blog Post from myself and let you know our Vision for this Company moving forward.

This Company now exists because there are Millions of people who have given up on their Visions for their future. There are so many people who had big plans and somehow just Gave Up on it all.

After looking at the eyewear Industry I only saw Companies looking to make money and that was it. I didn’t see too much purpose in the eyewear Industry and I wanted to bring that energy to the industry. There also wasn’t any eyewear company that inspired people to NEVER give up on their Vision and to stick with it.

 In addition, I wanted to give back in some way and this was my perfect Opportunity to create the Visionary Investment Fund. The overview of this fund is, for every pair of frames we sell we put $5 into our Visionary Investment Fund and every single Quarter we take that amount, divide it into 3 and invest it into 3 people who have a Vision. It only made sense to me.

 Every pair of Sunglasses has an inspirational affirmation on it to always remind you to never give up on your Vision no matter what phase of your Journey you are on. You’re either “One Idea Away” from changing your life, you have to “Stay The Course” on your Journey no matter what, and when you do see substantial Success you can’t fall off and you must “Stay Elevated.”

 I wanted this Company to connect with people on a deeper level than just selling a pair of Sunglasses. I wanted to show people the Power of a Vision by building a Company based on everything “Starting With A Vision” because if people are able to see what I was able to do with a Vision then that will empower them to pursue their Vision and in turn that will make this world a better place.

 If you made it this far I know you can agree that everything Starts With A Vision and I Invite you to become a Visionary and grabbing whatever pair of shades Resonates best with you from the Flagship Visionary Collection.


Below are the Core Values that I live by and want to instill in this Amazing Company:



 All my life I’ve always had a positive spirit despite setbacks, trials & tribulations. I’ve never been given a handout, but always made a way out of no way and remained positive no matter what the circumstances have been.


 I say Grit because the Military taught me how to truly have Grit and to never give up no matter what. Sometimes you have to pull your sleeves up and get muddy in order to push the mission forward. The trenches are where the Success happens and I will never forget that.


 Some things in life can’t be rushed and I learned that the hard way. Patience is one of the toughest things to ever learn & master, but once you get a good grasp of the concept of patience life will flow a lot better & easier. Patience is truly important to this world and myself.

 We All We Got:

 I understand that life isn’t all about myself. Life is all about what you can give and do for others rather than what you can hoard for yourself. I created the Visionary Investment Fund because I know how it is to be pursuing something and just need an extra $500 or $1,000 that would set me up for better. So why not do this to help others? I wanted to create a Brand that truly meant something to this world. Which is why the Visionary Investment Fund was created.


SWAV Eyewear 

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