Why We Must Stay The Course

Why We Must Stay The Course
To Stay The Course means to never give up or fold no matter what’s going on in your life or even in the world. In a world full of distraction and external stimuli it’s extremely easy to forget what the initial purpose was in the first place. 
With that being said we wanted to give you 3 ways to stay the course during the times we are in today. 
Read Books:
When you read a book you are able to go somewhere else that doesn’t currently exist where you are at and you get to truly expose yourself to new and different information. When you read books you continue to work on your mind and sharpen it. 
You want your mind to be as sharp as possible because that will keep you on a straight and narrow path and ensure that you stay the course no matter what happens in life. 
3 great books you can read that will help you stay the course are:
The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
Becoming Super Natural by Dr. Joe Dispenza
As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
Eliminate Distractions:
Most of us are Distracted a lot more than we think we are by Televisions, Cell Phones, Entertainment and so much more. 
A great question to ask yourself is how different would my life be if I got rid of all those distractions for 30 days? 
If you gave up everything that wasn’t positively impacting your life for 30 days and intensely focused on everything that you wanted to achieve and make happen how different would your life look? 
If you Stay The Course then this can happen without a doubt, and quicker than one may think. Eliminating distractions is also another way to ensure that you do Stay The Course because when you are hyper focused you make sure you reach those deadlines and accomplish what you planned on accomplishing.
So I say that to say, FOCUS on that task at hand and Starve all of your distractions because they are silently killing your dreams and goals.
Go All In on something:
How powerful would you be if you went ALL IN on what it is you wanted in life or what you said you wanted? It is impossible to Double dutch your way to success.
The only way to see true results in one’s life is to go ALL IN and never look back. 
When you go all in you are able to see the results with ANYTHING in life. 
If you give 3 different things your energy and effort none of them will be massively successful, but if you give one thing all you got you are more likely to be successful in that one thing because whatever you put your focus and attention on it grows, therefore the more energy and attention you can put on one thing the bigger it will become.
So go out there and read books, eliminate distractions and Go all in one something you believe in and you will be able to master Staying The Course. 
You can do, have or be anything you want on this planet, but you just have to make a commitment to yourself.
Go out there and make it happen, and always remember that everything you do in life Starts With A Vision. 

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