You’ve found your purpose. You’ve identified your vision. Now what?

You’ve found your purpose. You’ve identified your vision.  Now what?

You’ve found your purpose. You’ve identified your vision.

Now what?

How do you cultivate this into a lifestyle where you are walking in your purpose daily?

How do you keep you purpose/vision front of mind?

What does that look like? Feel life?

Is it sustainable?

What is it really like being a visionary?

Isiah Fowler, Lead Visionary, Founder and CEO of SWAV Eyewear , describes his daily routine with the utmost discipline and focus.

Here are a few takeaways you can start to implement in your daily routine:

  • EnVISIONING your day.
    • Start each morning by envisioning the day, all the positive possibilities & all the things you will accomplish. Finish this by affirming that you will have a day full of positivity. This positive thoughts will manifest themselves throughout the day, no matter what comes across your plate.
  • Visual Affirmations
    • Isiah has laminated index cards of affirmation statements that he reads prior to leaving his home. Select a handful of affirmation statements and write them down. Sticky notes, index cards, slips of paper, etc and place them where you will see them and recite them. Make this is a ritual!
      • Here are some links for examples you can use:
      • Affirmations are a cornerstone to SWAV Eyewear’s vision: Style & Purpose rolled into one. Check out our eyewear to further those affirmation reminders with cutting edge style: (LINK)
  • Get Moving
    • That’s right. Working out helps our bodies stay healthy and active, releases stress and keeps us balanced not to mention builds self confidence. Spend at least 30-45 minutes a day getting your heart rate up.
  • Attack Your Day
    • Make a plan for your day and attack it. Create timelines, use project management tools and breakdown your to-do list in chunks so that have the most productive use of your time.
      • Project Management Tools:
  • At Night: Slow Down & Recap
    • Take the time to slow down, recenter and review your day. Try journaling and meditation at least one hour prior to bedtime and limit screen time so that you have adequate time to “brain dump” and clear your space for proper rest.
      • Ask yourself:
        • What did you do well? What could you have done better? What needs to be problem solved for the next day?

Being a visionary encompasses a daily practice of greatness, focus and drive. There is a mixture of determination, faithfulness and of course, discipline. But the biggest takeaway is the continued affirmational reminders and self talk.

The world around us can be a clouded place with many distractions and spaces designed to throw us off course or pull us off center. It is up to us to reinforce our spirits with positive self talk, affirmations, reminders and combat the distractions with an equal amount of reminders of our goals at hand.

Let’s be great, together and change the world, one vision at a time.

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