3 ways Sunglasses Protect your Eyes

3 ways Sunglasses Protect your Eyes
Not only are sunglasses an accessory and fashion statement, but they also protect you from some extremely harmful sunlight. 
Our Vision is something we take for granted, but if we aren’t proactive we could potentially harm our eyesight and end up weakening it in the long term. Below are 3 ways that Sunglasses protect your eyesight. 
Surprisingly enough your eyes can indeed get sunburn. The technical term for your eyes getting sunburn is photokeratitis.
What happens is your Cornea becomes inflamed. Let’s say you’ve been at the beach or fair all day and your eyes are becoming itchy, dry, or even sensitive to light your eyes have most likely been sunburned. 
What happens with cataracts is the lens of your eye, which is responsible for focusing light or images onto the retina, becomes “clouded.”
So when your lens is clear your eyesight is fine, but when it’s cloudy there’s a cataract and extended sunlight exposure over time can increase chances of developing this ailment. 
UV Rays 
UV Rays Stand for Ultraviolet Radiation, which are invisible to the naked eye. There are 3 different Categories of UV Rays.
These will be your highest energy rays with the highest potential of doing damage to one’s eyesight. 
These rays are a little lower than UVC rays and are visible as well. UVB rays aren’t as harmful as UVC rays, but with high amounts of UVB rays they could be just as harmful. 
These rays are closer to visible light rays and have lower energy than both UVC and UVB rays. These rays can pass through the lens and the cornea and reach the retina, and we wouldn’t want any of that to happen.
There are tons of ways that the sunlight is harmful to your eyesight, and a nice pair of sunglasses can solve that problem and help mitigate the long term effects sunlight exposure may have on one’s eyesight. 
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