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Customer Reviews

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Uneshia Salters
I looooove my SWAV eyewear

First I must say that I was shocked at how quickly I received my order. Secondly the glasses are sleek and stylish. I love the clear tip and the attention to detail that goes into these shades. I'll definitely buy from them again.

Corey Smith
These Sunglasses Hit

“You should only wear these when we go out together cus these look great” - gf’s reaction when I tried on these sunglasses for the first time. I was shocked at how quickly I received the purchase; it was only about 3 days for me to get them in NYC. They feel great. They look great. Definitely worth it!

Jerra Latrice
Those Blue Shades Tho!

I love the Perspective shades & how the blue tint just effortlessly matches the blue color in my hair. Moreso, the message, when opening the case, really speaks to me. I'm constantly reminded to "Stay the Course" everytime I put on my shades. That right there is priceless. 🙌🏾The shades are also very comfortable & fit my face perfectly. I'm very happy with my purchase!!

Grizz Da Bizz
My Perspective

My perspective on The Perspective shades is their impressive. I like them a lot. The packaging is also awesome.


This is my second pair of SWAV sunglasses. I bought "The Perspective" for my husband after I bought "The Prophet" for myself. I DIG THEM BOTH!! Lightweight, secure, expensive looking frames. I am so happy with my purchase. My husband always wears black frames, classic style. I love how "The Perspactive" updates that look. The color is on point. Very classy. These are a great pair of shades. Love the Visionary Investment Fund too. Looking forward to the next collection and the future of this brand. IM A FAN!!